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    Daily iPad App: Foresee plans your activities based on the weather


    I'm an outdoorsy-type person and I set time aside each week to go hiking and kayaking with my children. My plans sometimes go awry because the weather turns sour at the time I selected. To improve my odds of getting outside as planned, I decided to check out Foresee, a new weather-scheduling app from BorderLeap.

    Foresee lets you select an activity and set three primary weather parameters like temperature, cloud cover, humidity and more. The app will then scan the forecast and determine the best time for your activity. The app doesn't reveal just the optimal time, it shows you the full day on an hourly basis and uses a smiley face to reveal the best times for your activity. Likewise, all the bad times are marked with a frown. I tried changing the parameters, and the app updated the smile/frown accordingly and accurately.

    You can set up multiple activities and swipe easily between them. The app works on a daily basis so you can see the best activity times each and every day. I didn't mind seeing my activity everyday as I like to get outside as much as possible, but it might be nice to have the option to schedule out activities for a range of days. This would be beneficial for folks who want to plan for the weekend or a vacation.

    Overall, I found Foresee to be useful for predicting the best time to go outside. It's not real-time and doesn't take into account quick changes in the weather, but for general planning it works great. Foresee is available from the iOS App Store for US$0.99.

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