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Do you PvP, or PvE, or both?


A well-known YouTube personality, who's pretty big on the PvP circuit, recently posted a video about PvP in Mists of Pandaria. Amongst other things, he talked about how the PvP resilience changes made the pure PvPers suffer, while only really pleasing a small group of players who did both PvP and PvE. Now, while my evidence is just as anecdotal as Reinhardt's, this has got me wondering. You see, while PvPers are a passionate and vocal group, I suspect we fall into the minority. Particularly those, and I don't include myself in that group, who purely PvP. It seems to me that it's likely a fairly small group compared to those who PvE, or those who do both.

So, to expand my purely anecdotal evidence, I thought I'd ask the WoW Insider audience what they did. Now, the poll is pretty binary, I've deliberately not included choices indicating whether you do more or less, it's either just PvP, just PvE, or both. For clarity, I'm looking at end-game content here. If you've leveled purely via PvP (from level 10 at least), then fantastic. But if you leveled via quests and dungeons, but just PvP in end-game, you're in the PvP category. I'm looking forward to seeing the results!

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