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Nokia brings Augmented Reality to the employment market with JobLens

Brad Molen

Once Sesame Street starts using Augmented Reality, you know the tech is no longer considered a niche affair. Strangely enough, however, we haven't actually seen an AR app that caters to job seekers, but Nokia's got that covered with JobLens -- an app we've tested at Nokia's UK-based Lumia 925 launch event last month. The program arrives on Lumia devices in the US and Canada today, utilizing the same LiveSight sight recognition tech previously seen in Here, and involving collaborative efforts with LinkedIn, Indeed, Zillow and In addition to gaining the benefit of visualizing exactly where you can find open positions around you, the app will help you create and submit resumes to push you in the right direction. There's still no word on when we can expect to see JobLens outside of North America, though we imagine it won't be too long. As a gentle reminder of how it all works, we've added our hands-on video after the break.

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