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Space sim MOBA GoD Factory: Wingmen aims to make you top gun


GoD Factory: Wingmen is a four-on-four space combat simulator for PC hoping to achieve funding through Kickstarter right now. A Steam Greenlight campaign is also underway.

In development at Nine Dot Studios in Quebec, Canda, GoD Factory: Wingmen tasks players with assaulting and destroying the enemy team's carrier ship. It's "essentially a space-sim MOBA," studio founder Guillaume Boucher-Vidal says in the pitch video above, but what sets it apart from other MOBAs is the free space dogfighting and customization options.

At the beginning of each match players build their carrier ship from a series of interchangeable parts and as each segment of the carrier ship is destroyed, unique penalties based around that segment are incurred. Oculus Rift is also in the cards, which Nine Dot says is a natural fit for stationary players in a space combat simulation scenario; however, the Kickstarter page notes this feature may not be available right at launch.

Right now, the Kickstarter campaign has nine days to go. Currently, GoD: Factory Wingmen is near one-third of its goal on Kickstarter.

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