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Supreme Court refuses to hear Mirror Worlds' appeal to have damages award against Apple reinstated


Back in 2008, a company called Mirror Worlds filed a patent-infringement suit against Apple alleging that a number of OS X features infringed upon one of its patents. The accused features included Cover Flow, Time Machine and OS X's Spotlight search feature.

In October 2010, Mirror Worlds won a US$625.5 million judgement against Apple. At the time, the damages amount was the fourth-largest patent judgement in US history. Apple, naturally, appealed and in April 2011, a federal judge reversed the judgment.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court refused to consider Mirror Worlds' recent attempt to have $208.5 million of the damages award reinstated.

Bloomberg reports:

Apple Inc.'s victory in a patent-infringement case was left intact as the US Supreme Court rebuffed a Texas company's effort to revive a $208.5 million verdict against the computer maker.
The high court declined to hear a case in which closely held Mirror Worlds LLC said an appeals court erred in ruling that Apple didn't infringe a software patent for a way to index and file documents. Mirror Worlds was co-founded by Yale University computer-science Professor David Gelernter.

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