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Rogue Legacy stars knights with different (dis)abilities, out now on PC


No name says "knight in shining armor" quite like "Lady Jojobo The Flatulent Dwarf Mage." Surely "Lady Jojobo The Short, Gassy Witch" doesn't have the same ring to it.

She's one of many heroes in Rogue Legacy that suffer from different debilitating issues, such as Sir John The Near-Sighted Knight and Sir Dude The Giant Colorblind Ninja (we're not sure which of those last descriptors is meant to be the debilitating one). Rogue Legacy launched today on PC for $15 via Steam, GOG, Desura, Gamersgate and developer Cellar Door itself, with this little Humble Store widget.

Cellar Door describes Rogue Legacy as a rogue-"lite" – every time a character dies, his child succeeds him, and as we know every child is unique. Uniquely flawed, mostly.

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