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DevJuice: Recovering your UUID after upgrading


Some of our TUAW staff got really excited this week when the iPad beta of iOS 7 finally debuted. So excited, in fact, that they forgot to check if their device was properly registered with their dev account.

They installed the beta -- and, as you probably guessed, got stuck.

Fortunately, for those in such a situation, Apple provides an enterprise tool that enables you to retrieve UUIDs from unactivated devices.

Website HighTechDad has a great post about exactly this situation. The iPhone Configuration Utility for Enterprise allows you to plug in your device and fetch all the information you need.

So why not register directly through Xcode's organizer? The answer is that not everyone is familiar or comfortable in the IDE, especially those who play support roles on development teams -- such as designers, managers and others who aren't quite hands-on.

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