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Engadget Podcast 350 - 06.28.13

Joe Pollicino

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We've made it to the big three-five-oh! Watch out, HD Podcast, we're closing in on your 355 episode mark. Although the week in tech news wasn't terribly exciting, Brian was so pumped he ran nine blocks in the blistering heat straight to our studio. As such, this episode is relatively short -- might we suggest you check out Distro on your favorite tablet with all that extra time?

Hosts: Tim Stevens, Peter Rojas, Brian Heater

Producer: Joe Pollicino

Hear the podcast:

01:30 - Engadget + gdgt live NYC
05:09 - Ziphius aquatic drone hits Kickstarter, we go hands-on
07:11 - The Engadget Show 44: Education with Google, OLPC,, LeapFrog, SparkFun, Adafruit and more
09:09 - Microsoft BUILD
09:27 - Windows 8.1 in-depth hands-on: features, apps, impressions and screenshots
11:24 - Windows 8.1 to support 3D printing through native API
12:13 - Microsoft 'approaching' 100,000 apps in the Windows Store, boasts app downloads in the 'hundreds of millions'
13:39 - Microsoft announces Visual Studio 2013 preview: now available for download, 5,000 new APIs in Windows 8.1
13:59 - Internet Explorer 11 to support WebGL and MPEG Dash
15:02 - Microsoft launches Bing platform for developers
18:11 - Microsoft shows off 3D imagery, architecture trivia for Windows 8.1 Maps
20:19 - Apple OS X Mavericks 10.9 preview
23:09 - Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One Google Play edition hands-on
32:12 - Sony Xperia Z Ultra: hands-on with a 6.4-inch Android phone
36:06 - Sprint Windows Phones
37:45 - OUYA hits retailers for $100, promptly sells out at Amazon
37:56 - NVIDIA Shield Delay

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