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Retro JRPG Soul Saga funded, PS4 & Vita stretch goal added [update: and cleared!]


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Soul Saga, Disastercake's self-described love letter to PSOne JRPGs, rocketed past its Kickstarter goal of $60,000 yesterday. A funding surge this week saw the game, now already confirmed for PC, Mac, and Linux, approach the cusp of its Wii U stretch goal of $80,000, which is now extended to also include PS4 and Vita following successful talks with Sony.

At the time of writing, Soul Saga sits at around $77,000 with 16 days of its fundraiser left to go, so the additional platforms stretch goal is on its last HP. Voice acting is confirmed after its required amount was cleared, while stretch goals further down the line include airship exploration "similar to Skies of Arcadia," a job board, and legendary weapons. The top goal is set at $250,000 and if cleared transforms the game, which is being positioned as the 20-hour first entry in a series, into something with "double the story and content."

Update: Sure enough, a few hours later Soul Saga cleared its $80,000 stretch goal. That means it'll be winging its way to Wii U, PS4, and Vita in addition to the already confirmed PC, Mac, and Linux.

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