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The Queue: Fine dining with Wrathion

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney (@Shadesogrey) is Wrathion's favorite rogue. Don't argue, he told me so.

I don't even have words to describe the above video. Just sit back, close your eyes and listen.

A lot of people asked:

Hey where is the latest WoW Insider Show?!?! (or something similar)

It's right here! Episode 300 and everything -- listen and enjoy.

silverwind asked:

When is the best time to sell and offload all your crafting mats of a expansion, specifically gems? I have played since vanilla but haven't found out yet if it's better to sell then right before a new expansion is released or after it is. Also would that change for MoP gems since they will always be needed for the panther mounts?

Generally speaking, the best time to unload a lot of gems is just after a patch is launched. Once 5.4 hits, people will begin decking themselves out in new gear from Siege of Orgrimmar -- that's when the gems will fly out of the AH. As far as the jewelcrafting mounts go, there may be a bit of a demand for the gems in the next expansion, but don't expect a lot of it -- the Mechahog from Wrath sold for a little while into Cataclysm, but then everyone promptly found more interesting things to spend their gold on. I imagine you could safely stockpile gems required for the mounts without too much worry, just for use down the road.

zengarzombolt11 asked:

Q for the Q: which non-legendary quest (still in-game ) you think is the least done by the players?

That's a really good question! I'm thinking it would probably be one of the Burning Crusade quests -- players tend to zip right through Outland as soon as they possibly can, and the quests aren't really locked in a progression path like the quests from Cataclysm. Let's pick a particularly obscure one: The Horrors of Pollution. Yes, it's Alliance-only, but it ticks off the main criteria behind that question: It's in a region that most players skip entirely in favor of moving on to Wrath content, and it's not available on the map because it's a quest that drops from a random mob. Lower-level random drop quests aren't usually done by players wanting to level quickly.

Neuromante asked:

Does anyone know what happens to the rare mobs in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms after patch 5.4 hits? Are Moldo, Sahn, Yorik, Urgolax and the rest still there, or should I hurry up and finish my Glorious! achievment before patch hits?

They should all still be around. They may be riddled with sha energy, however. But the Glorious! achievement hasn't been made a Feat of Strength, so it should still be possible to complete in 5.4.

Nocjin asked:

If pandaria has all these evil races like Yaungol, Mantid and Mogu, why have Sha only become a big problem since 'we' got there? Mantid are far more hateful, yaungol are more violent and mogu are extremely proud.

The Shado-Pan have had everything down like clockwork for thousands of years -- I'll be expanding on them as well as Taran Zhu in tomorrow's Know Your Lore. But it's safe to say that the mantid were on a very predictable gestational cycle -- they would spawn and swarm once every hundred years, so Pandaria was more than prepared to handle it. The yaungol, while brutes, weren't really in the habit of invading other areas of Pandaria. It was the intervention of the sha caused that mantid swarming cycle to begin early -- way earlier than the Shado-Pan were prepared for. Because of that, the yaungol started heading out of Townlong Steppes, which wasn't expected, either. The mogu were almost a non-entity -- they were present, but not at all a powerful force.

When we arrived, we brought with us an influx of negative emotion that Pandaria simply wasn't prepared for. It was the Alliance and Horde's extreme hatred for each other that just jump-started the sha into full power. Think of it kind of like a faucet dripping water. The pandaren and the Shado-Pan had, over ten thousand years, managed to regulate that water into a steady, predictable stream. We showed up and were so busy arguing with each other that we broke the faucet off entirely and now it's spewing water all over the house and the hardwood floors are totally wrecked, let me tell you.

stingjc asked:

Does time in WoW pass the same as time in the real world? I would think so with holidays and whatnot, but I'm still curious as to whether a year in game time is the same as a year for me?

Nope! Not at all. For the purpose of game mechanics and fun, the holidays line up with our own holidays, and day and night cycles line up with real-life time zones. But as far as the fantasy-world timeline goes, each expansion has only been a year long. Wrath may have been a two-year expansion in real time, but as far as the lore goes, we were in Northrend for a year. It's a little confusing, and probably best not to think about it.

@beam19 asked via Twitter:

Confused by the whole "there must always be a Lich King" .What keeps Bolvar from going power hungry and unleashing the scourge?

Consider the Lich King as a supremely evil machine that controls a massive army of flesh-eating zombies. If the machine suddenly stops working, there is absolutely nothing stopping that massive army of flesh-eating zombies from quickly over-running the planet and destroying all life as we know it. As far as Bolvar goes, he took the helm willingly because he'd spent most of Wrath as a charred, disfigured husk of the hero he once was -- but he spent all those months being tortured by the Lich King and completely resisting his power. His will was stronger than the Lich King's will. Presumably, that strength of will is going to hold out and he'll keep the Scourge in check up in Northrend -- but we'll see how long that really lasts.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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