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Pixeljam Octology bundle is 8 games for whatever amount you want


Pixeljam's Octology bundle got a makeover and is now a pay-what-you-want offer that includes eight games, apps and albums, with special rewards for the top 10 contributors. The Octology includes the following lo-fi games for PC, Mac and Linux: Potatoman Seeks the Troof, Bitku Beta, Dino Run SE, Dino Run: Marathon of Doom and Snowball, along with music albums Pixeljams Volume 1, Planeteri and the Potatoman OST.

Snag all of these goodies for $1 or more, or pay $10 or more and grab access to the Treat List, an exclusive website where contributors can download Pixeljam bonuses every month or so. There are also those physical rewards for the top 10 customers, and right now the No. 10 spot is at $15.33.

The Octology bundle will be live through July 25, so stock up on Potatoman and Dinos while you can.

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