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Third-Party RSS Readers-- Which ones are ready for the Google Reader shutdown?


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The Google Reader shut down is imminent, and RSS app developers are scrambling to move their apps away from the Google sync service. Some third-party apps have selected Feedly or Feedbin to drive their syncing, while others have decided to go it alone with their own syncing solution. Still others have decided to become a standalone reader with no syncing until they have time to evaluate which syncing service is the best for their customers.

Here is a list of popular third-party RSS reading software and their current syncing status:

iOS Reader Apps

Mr. Reader [iPad; $3.99] Syncs with BazQux Reader, Feedbin, FeedHQ, Feedly, Feed Wrangler and Fever.

Reeder for iPhone [iPhone; Free] Syncs with Feedbin and Fever now. Also standalone/local RSS without syncing. Feedly and Feed Wrangler (No support for smart streams yet in Reeder) in version 3.2, which is pending approval. Update: Reeder Version 3.2 went live July 2.

Reeder for iPad [iPad; Free] App will be pulled until a new version with syncing is available.

Slow Feeds [iOS Universal; $2.99] Syncs with Feed Wrangler, Feedbin, FeedHQ and NewsBlur.

Newsify [iOS Universal; Free] Syncs with Feedly.

Byline for iPhone [iPhone; $2.99] Syncs with Feedly.

Byline Universal [iOS Universal; Free with IAP] Syncs with Feedly.

Favs [iOS Universal; $2.99] Favorites browser that syncs your private starred articles with Feedbin.

Readlines for Feedbin [iOS Universal; $0.99] Syncs with Feedbin.

Bulletin for Feedbin [iPhone; $0.99] Syncs with Feedbin.

Sunstroke [iOS Universal; $4.99] Syncs with Fever.

Ashes for Fever [iOS Universal; $7.99] Syncs with Fever.

Pulse [iOS Universal; Free] A standalone reader, but you should import your Google Reader feeds as soon as possible using these instructions from Pulse.

NewsBar [iPhone; $3.99] Standalone reader with iCloud sync. iPad version in the works.

OS X Reader Apps

Readkit for Mac [OS X; $4.99] Syncs with Fever, NewsBlur, Feedbin and Feed Wrangler. Also standalone RSS capabilities.

Favs [OS X; $9.99] Favorites browser that syncs your private starred articles with Feedbin.

Reeder for Mac [OS X; Free] App will be pulled until a new version with syncing is available.

Caffeinated [OS X;$5.99] A standalone RSS reader. Follow these instructions if you are updating from version 1.3 of the app.

NewsBar [OS X; $4.99] Standalone reader with iCloud sync to the iPhone.

Leaf RSS Reader [OS X; $4.99] A standalone reader, with possible syncing in the future. Read this post about Leaf's migration away from Google Reader.

NetNewsWire 4 [OS X; $10] NetNewsWire 4, the first version of the classic reader from current owner Black Pixel, is a standalone OS X app with mobile app syncing in the future. NetNewsWire is free to use while it is still in open beta. You can save money by pre-ordering now for $10. The app will cost $20 when the final version with syncing is released. Read our review of NetNewsWire 4.

For those who have chosen a Google Reader replacement and are looking for apps, here is a list of third-party RSS Readers organized by service.

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