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Make beautiful, fiery music with Adafruit's DIY MIDI-controlled flame organ (video)


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Eyebrows in the way? Singe them off with Adafruit's DIY flame organ, debuting just in time for the holiday weekend. If fireworks aren't enough to put the sizzle in your Independence Day party, all you need to light up your very own MIDI instrument are a few relays, solenoid valves, a digital music workstation (Adafruit recommends Livid Instruments' BASE paired with Ableton Live and Pure Data) and a blatant disregard for your own mortality. The official tutorial is still in the works, but you can watch the flame organ blaze with a patriotic tune after the break. If you're brave -- or foolish -- enough to attempt to build one of your own, just promise us that you won't drink and DIY.

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