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Apple tweaks product shelving in stores


ifoAppleStore is reporting that at least one Apple retail store has taken to redesigning its product shelving.

According to insiders, the Corte Madera (N. Calif.) store was renovated over several nights earlier this month, replacing its original shelving with a new model that has no vertical dividers. The change was apparently done for aesthetic reasons, and because the new design no longer needs the dividers for structural support.

Here's the type of product shelving one typically sees at an Apple retail store.

The new shelving has a more seamless and continuous aesthetic, as pictured below.

Apple tweaks product shelving in stores

ifoAppleStore typically has its finger on the pulse of all things Apple retail, and it notes that these changes are part "...of an eventual chain-wide refresh of certain store interiors." To that end, keep an eye out for this subtle design change at an Apple retail store near you.

It's quite a stretch, but you might even say that the new product design change lends itself towards an overall flatter look, a la iOS 7.

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