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Apple recruits Yves Saint Laurent CEO for VP position focusing on 'special projects'

Alexis Santos

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Paul Deneve, former CEO of fashion outfit Yves Saint Laurent, has joined Apple's top ranks as a vice president. Cupertino says he'll report directly to Tim Cook and will work on "special projects," but there's no word on exactly what he'll be responsible for. While there's no sure-fire way of telling what Deneve will be up to, his experience in fashion and retail brings a few possibilities to mind. Namely, heading up Apple's retail efforts or lending his design chops to wearable computing projects and hardware development in general. It'll likely be a while before we see the fruits of Deneve's labor with his new employer, but now you'll know who to thank if Apple's gadgets receive an extra dose of je ne sais quoi.

"We're thrilled to welcome Paul Deneve to Apple," reads a statement the company sent us. "He'll be working on special projects as a vice president reporting directly to Tim Cook."

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