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Dungeon Smash breaks into XBLIG


Dungeon Smash is a monster-fighting twin-stick shooter with local co-op for up to four players. It's available now on Xbox Live Indie Games for 240 MS Points ($3), along with a free trial for those who like to research their dungeons before jumping in.

Dungeon Smash comes from Haiku Interactive, a team previously published on XBLIG with games such as Space Police on Super Highway 9, Crate Expectations and AvaGlide. We got a sneak peek at Dungeon Smash on Sunday with Haiku co-founder Jock Findlay, with an Indie Pitch. Findlay discussed publishing on XBLIG and the benefits of going indie.

"I worked for nine years for a few established companies and I learned a lot and really enjoyed it," Findlay said. "Developing independently I have the freedom to explore ideas and learn new skills that I wouldn't have in a company. For example, I've done animation, (technical) artwork, sound editing and sound recording on each of the XBLIG games."

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Dungeon Smash ~ Dark Isles

The Five Kingdoms have been at war with one another for as long as anyone can remember. Now there's a chance for peace and, as champion, you've accompanied your princess to the signing of a peace treaty. Hopes are dashed when demons kidnap the princess you swore to protect!

Battle hordes of monsters from gremlins and goblins to trolls and demons through an infinite variety of dungeons to rescue your princess. Along the way compete with your fellow champions for your share of the loot or share with your companions to improve your chances of survival. Forge your hero with unique weapons and powers so you can rescue the princesses and bring peace to the kingdoms!

Who will you be?

● Balbak, the hulking Gladiator; slow in body and mind but peerless in melee and a terrible force to be reckoned with when enraged. Balbak's heart is a tender thing and either it will heal the soul of his beloved or damn her for eternity.
● Xan, the swift Assassin; quick on her feet and with her blades she will need to move silently and employ all her cunning to survive. Tasked with the terrible mission of slaying a childhood friend will she follow through with her assignment or renege on her masters for the greater good?
● Alandro, the holy Paladin; encased in armour from head to toe, bludgeoning foes with his mighty hammer and granting boons to his companions from the gods. Alandro must choose either to satisfy his desire for vengeance or to set aside his personal feelings and carry out his holy duty.
● Shayleah, the elven Warlock; weak in body but strong in eldritch powers she must choose her battles and what magic to employ with care. Shayleah thirsts for knowledge and power through arcane means, but will she be blinded by her desires or impart her wisdom to one in need?

This is the 4-player co-op, twin-stick-shooter, fantasy-RPG heroes and heroines have been waiting for. Be a champion! Smash the dungeon!

Dungeon Smash is available now on the Xbox 360 through the Xbox Indie Games Channel for 240 Microsoft Points.

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