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State of Decay tries again to please Aussie ratings board


State of Decay is up for re-review at the Australian Classification Board, and developer Undead Labs is "feeling pretty optimistic" about getting approval this time around. Going by a recent Facebook post, the sandbox horror's revised version says so long to stimulants, replacing them with "supplements." The ACB originally refused entry to the XBLA breakout hit because of its depiction of drug use, a matter Saints Row 4 fell afoul of, too.

"Who could possibly not like vitamins? They're good for you," reads Undead's post.

While it waits to hear from the ACB about vitamins that may well include A, C, and B, the Seattle-based studio is keeping itself busy with the game's upcoming PC version. However, Undead doesn't expect to share any news on that for a while yet.

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