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Vine adds channels, protected accounts, shooting tools and more


Just in time for memorializing Fourth of July celebrations Vine has released its biggest update to date with version 1.3. The first new feature is the addition of Channels that allow you to search specific categories like Comedy, Arts & Experimental, and yes... cats. They've also debuted a new On the Rise section featuring new Vine filmmakers.

Sharing has been made easier with the new Revining feature that allows you to finally repost your friend's work. With that added power comes enhanced security in the form of protected accounts. Now you can approve who follows you and shares your "work." Need to keep those cat videos safe from dangerous eyes.

There are also new capturing tools available including the desperately needed ability to focus, along with ghosting and a new grid. Interestingly the update does not include a lengthening of video run time in response to Instagram's 15-second videos.

The update is available now.

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