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Fez getting all patched up on XBLA


Fez will get a new patch on Xbox Live Arcade, Polytron founder and Fez creator Phil Fish says in a tweet.

Fez has been in need of an update on XBLA since June 2012 – Polytron actually released a patch that month that fixed a number of issues in the game, including infinite death loops, but that update caused some save files to read as corrupted. Polytron later re-released the patch without fixing the issue that caused corrupted save files, citing costs from Microsoft running into "tens of thousands of dollars" to issue that first patch.

Latest reports indicate that Microsoft has dropped the fee for Xbox 360 developers to patch their games.

Fish says the fresh update will take "a few months," but it's on its way. The problems with the first patch affect less than 1 percent of players, Polytron says, but it's a risk that most people would probably rather not take. Fez 2 is in development, but it's not coming to Xbox One or 360, Fish says.

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