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Logging in to 'The Cloud' WiFi networks in the UK just got a lot easier


In the UK there are over 18,000 WiFi hotspots known as "The Cloud" that users can join to get free or low-cost WiFi to their devices while out and about. Now "The Cloud" owner BSkyB has updated its WiFi FastConnect Hotspot Locator app to make logging into the cloud network easier than ever from your iPhone.

Instead of having to manually join a Cloud WiFi hotspot and enter your username and password, now the app allows an iPhone user to install a provisioning profile on their iPhone. Once this provisioning profile is installed, any time a user joins a Cloud network they are automatically be logged in. The provisioning profile allows this by registering up to two of your devices to each Cloud login username.

The Cloud isn't the first wireless hotspot provider in the UK to enable provisioning profile functionality. Earlier this year, BT updated its BT WiFi app to offer the same functionality. As anyone who is on the go knows, when you want to log into a WiFi hotspot, you want to log in now -- fumbling with entering usernames and passwords on the iPhone's small screen has always been a pain. But now with The Cloud joining BT WiFi in adding provisioning profiles to iPhones, the login process just got a whole lot simpler and faster.

The Cloud's WiFi FastConnect Hotspot Locator is a free download.

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