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Breakfast Topic: It's not real until it's in Azeroth


I know the middle of summer might seem like an odd time to talk about Winter's Veil, but I just got done watching a sparkling round of fireworks. And it got me to thinking about holiday traditions. I'm a little loathe to admit, because it sounds funny to say things don't feel real until they're in Azeroth, but the in-game holidays go a very long way toward making each season feel festive.

It doesn't feel like Halloween until the jack-o-lanterns line the streets of Stormwind, and I rush to Grandfather Winter with all the energy of a school child running to the tree. These festive touches do more than just make Azeroth feel real; they help us as gamers celebrate the seasons in our own, digital way. For all that I just got done lighting off fireworks, I'm eager to get into the game and see a guild mate set off their own display.

What about you? What real life holidays feel real only when you see them in WoW? What is it about these touches that lend themselves to the season so well?

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