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WRUP: Oh yeah, the OUYA's out


Reviews Editor Richard Mitchell wrote the War and Peace-length rivaling review of the Ouya and posted it while most of us were stuffing our faces with hamburgers, hot dogs and the vegetarian alternatives to the aforementioned products. He also took a look at games that highlight the $99 console.

What's everyone playing this weekend?

  • Alexander Sliwinski (@Sliwinski): Wrapping up thoughts on new Civilization Brave New World expansion for review. I tried starting Last of Us. Way too depressing coupled with overwhelming amounts of school work. Need something more playful. Really want to try Rogue Legacy.
  • Danny Cowan (@Sardoose): I'm wrapping up my second playthrough of Saints Row: The Third. I still need to work on the new Pinball Arcade tables, too. Pin*Bot is just as brutal as ever.
  • David Hinkle (@DaveHinkle): I'm wrapping up Tomb Raider this weekend then I'm hoping to play The Last of Us because playing really depressing games is the thing to do, I guess.
  • Jess Conditt (@JessConditt): The Last of Us. *sobbing*
  • Jordan Mallory (@Jordan_Mallory): I'm moving this weekend (yes, again), but it's only going to be 97 degrees and raining all day so it shouldn't be that bad.
  • Ludwig Kietzmann (@LudwigK): I'm still ushering a generation of so-so so-and-sos through a castle in Rogue Legacy.
  • Mike Suszek (@MikeSuszek): NCAA 14. Football football football.
  • Richard Mitchell (@TheRichardM): Ouya multiplayer games with my niece. Maybe some Last Night on Earth? Saturn Bomberman? Smash Bros Melee? The sky is the limit.
  • Sinan Kubba (@Shoinan): I am the last of us to play The Last of Us.
  • Steven Wong: If I can find time to play anything this weekend, I'll probably be looking to put in more time with Dust: An Elysian Tale.
  • Susan Arendt (@SusanArendt): Agricola, SMT IV, Animal Crossing.
  • Xav de Matos (@Xav): Been thinking about jumping back into Minecraft after a ton of updates to the PC and XBLA versions. Now... which one to choose.

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