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Breakfast Topic: Why don't we have...

Matthew Rossi

World of Warcraft has been unafraid to borrow ideas from other MMO's (and to be fair, they've returned the favor in a big way) but sometimes I worry that the game doesn't steal enough. Well, okay, I don't worry about that. I worry about my own impending death, nuclear war, global pandemics, the economy, stuff like that. It's more like a mild case of contemplative concern. There are certain things about the game I've always wondered about, design choices or lack thereof. For instance:

  • Why doesn't WoW have a ranged DPS/tank hybrid?
  • Why don't we have a pure melee DPS class that uses a two-handed weapon or strength to do damage?
  • Both new classes introduced were hybrids, one a tank/DPS, one a tank/healer/DPS. Why haven't we ever gotten a new pure DPS?
  • We currently have one class that uses ranged weapons. This seems really, really weird to me.
I'm sure everyone has their own 'why' questions they ask about the game. Sometimes these are just musings, others we'd really like to actually see them. I'd love for some sort of soldier/rifleman class that used ranged weapons to tank, perhaps with the aid of a pet ala a hunter, or something as simple as walking into melee range and using said ranged weapon to beat things up, then pop out to range to shoot and then pop back in for more tanking. I don't know why, but the idea really appeals to me and has ever since I first saw Vanguards in action in SWTOR.

Of course, we don't need a whole new class for that, I guess. We could make hunters ranged tanks pretty easily. I have no idea how many people would play one - to be honest, I probably would, just to try it out.

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