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Skullgirls PC beta available now for Indiegogo backers, slowpokes with $36

Jordan Mallory

If some of your skrilla is mixed in with the $828,768 Lab Zero Games raised during its Indiegogo campaign to expand Skullgirls, good news: A Steam beta access key is waiting for you on your Humble Bundle page, provided you dropped $36 or more when contributing to the fundraiser.

Meanwhile, people who didn't/couldn't contribute to the Indiegogo campaign can still buy into the beta (and future full PC release) by dropping 36 dolla-dolla bills into the official website, which offers some of the same reward tiers as the original fundraiser.

Lab Zero points out in its Twitter feed that the game's lobby system won't be implemented until "next week or so." Bugs encountered during play should be sent to bugreport at labzerogames dot com.

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