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Dungeonmans: Heroic Adventure Roguelike finds funds on Kickstarter


Dungeonmans is a 2D, roguelike adventure game that former AAA developer Jim Shepard has been working on since 2010 – there's a preview ready to roll on Indie DB – and it needs a final financial push to close out development. Shepard asks for $35,000 on Kickstarter, and with 26 days to go, he's already raised $12,000.

Dungeonmans' main, unique draw is its Academy, a persistent homebase that players fill with knowledge and artifacts from their adventures. When one character dies, the next Academy graduate takes on some of the intelligence and skill sets from that fallen comrade, and so on down the graduation line.

Shepard spent more than nine years in the AAA industry, helping to craft major games such as Quake 4 and Star Wars: The Old Republic, working at Raven Software, Surreal Software, Gearbox Software and BioWare Austin. He's also a career Dungeon Master, which means he probably knows a few things about kicking monster booty and telling an intense tale.

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