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Zelda-like indie adventure Ittle Dew out now on PC, coming soon to Steam and Ouya


Ittle Dew, a cartoony, classic adventure game that uses a Zelda-like dungeon formula, is available now for $13.99 through developer Ludosity's official site. The game includes online leaderboards and a number of shortcuts, so it is designed to encourage speedrunning.

Purchases through the site will be redeemable for PC, Mac and Linux, both DRM-free and via Steam, which it will launch on at the end of July. Ittle Dew should have launched on Ouya this week as well, though the developer noted on Twitter that it is still in review before being pushed to the storefront. It will come to iPad, Android tablets and Wii U sometime this fall or winter, according to a recent release schedule blog update by Ludosity.

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