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Hearthstone heads to China with NetEase


NetEase is the company who brought World of Warcraft, as well as Starcraft II to the Chinese market. They have worked with Blizzard since 2008, and provide online services including other online games outside their partnership with Blizzard. Their latest announcement, the Wall Street Journal reports, is that Hearthstone will join WoW and Starcraft in NetEase's catalogue of games.

You'll also remember NetEase from their amazing World of Warcraft Mah-Jong set, which WoW Insider featured a little while back. Unfortunately that never made it to the worldwide market, as the special edition of 1,000 was all the sets that were ever made.

Hopefully, Hearthstone will be another great success for NetEase's collaboration with Blizzard, as other CCGs and TCGs enjoy considerable popularity in the market, with fully translated cards for games such as Magic: The Gathering available and national tournaments taking place regularly.

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