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Analysis of which apps get featured on the App Store


Like any curious iOS developer, Dave Addey wanted to know more about the apps that get featured each week by Apple. To gain some insight into these apps, he spent four months watching the App Store and examining those titles that were singled out each week. He looked at the US App Store as well as 25 international stores that cover 155 different countries. At the end of his study, he summarized what he observed in an engaging blog post about the dynamics of Apple's featured app list.

One notable item that Addey discovered was the prevalence of games among the featured apps. Even though games only make up 16.8 percent of the App Store, they account for about half of the apps that are featured each week worldwide. Korea has the highest percentage of games with 64.4 percent of featured apps falling into the game category. Among the games, action games are featured the most often, with arcade and adventure titles coming in second and third, respectively.

Addey covers more than just games in his detailed analysis of featured apps on the App Store. He also looks at app categories outside of games and reports how these type of apps are featured in different countries. You can read the remainder of his report in this post on his blog.

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