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Breakfast Topic: Least favorite playable race


In a recent Community Blog Topic, we asked what your favorite playable race is. Many people in the comments would have preferred to answer least favorite. So here you go.

My least favorite race is human. It's not from any lore standpoint, unlike my favorite playable race (the Forsaken). It's just that I play a human in real life and I've never liked playing humans in my fantasy games. I try every once in a while, but I always get bored and go for something else. Also, delivering love letters just isn't my thing.

Granted I'm Horde biased, but I do find most of the other Alliance races fun to play when I'm taking a walk on the blue and yellow side. Humans are just so bland to me.

What is your least favorite playable race and why? Do you still play the race on the bottom of your list. If so, why?

The poll is after the break.

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