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Deus Ex: The Fall coming July 11 to iOS, new gameplay trailer available


Developer Eidos Montreal took to Twitter to announce that Deus Ex: The Fall is coming to iOS this Thursday, July 11. The game is an exclusive to iOS and will cost US$6.99 in the App Store. Deus Ex: The Fall is a follow-up to Deus Ex: Human Revolution and, as Dave Thier writes for Forbes, represents a watershed in mobile gaming:

This game represents an important moment in the relationship between mobile ecosystems and mainstream blockbuster games. In the past we've had Horn and Infinity Blade, two AAA-style games held up as shining examples of mobile gaming's possibilities. The Fall feels different. This is a beloved hardcore IP and the follow-up to a recent hit, at least critically, and it's built from the ground up as a mobile game, with no console counterpart. Square Enix, the now-struggling house that Final Fantasy built, decided that mobile was the best financial decision for this franchise. If this is successful, you can bet that Square Enix won't be the last publisher to try something like this.

If you can't wait for July 11, in the meantime check out the gameplay trailer below.

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