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Dota 2 no longer in beta; Valve implements new player queue


Dota 2 has been in beta for around two years. In that time it became effectively the biggest game on Steam, with a monthly playerbase of over three million and a maximum concurrency of 300,000 players. There's even a $2 million tournament coming up in August centered on this game that's lived for so long behind somewhat closed doors.

Every beta must end, of course, and Dota 2's is no different. Valve has announced that starting today, Dota 2 is officially out of beta and that all Steam users can now download the free-to-play game at their leisure. There's just one small catch: Thanks to what Valve is anticipating will be a sudden crush of new players, a launch queue has been established that will bring people to Dota 2 in controlled waves.

To get into the launch queue, all you need to do is download Dota 2 on Steam. The first wave of new players should gain access to the game sometime this week. In the meantime, players can (and really, really should) play the game's single-player tutorial missions.

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