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Iberia becomes the first airline to offer print-at-home luggage labels with MyBagTag

Zach Honig

We can't say Iberia would be our first pick for a trip across the pond, but if you live in Spain, or you're traveling to the Iberian Peninsula, the airline is often the most convenient option. We're definitely intrigued by the firm's new print-at-home baggage tracker initiative as well. The new MyBagTag service, an industry first, enables passengers to print out luggage labels alongside their boarding passes, theoretically saving time at the airport and giving you an extra opportunity to ensure that both you and your bags are headed to the same destination. The service is now available for domestic flights, and will soon be extended to cover European and overseas destinations as well. It's currently only offered for direct routings though -- connecting flights will be supported in the future. See it in action in the video after the break.

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