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SWTOR's Scum and Villainy operation charges up nightmare mode


One thing we know about Star Wars: Villains like saying "So be it!" One thing we know about Star Wars: The Old Republic: Players chew up operations, spit them out, and keep asking for tougher ones. BioWare's hoping that today's Update 2.2.2 will give even the most ambitious team a tough go at it, as the studio has patched in the nightmare mode for Operation: Legions of Scum and Villainy.

Where there are new challenges, there are new rewards, of course. For players who can survive the carnage, there is the elite Kell Dragon armor set and the cool Titan 6 Containment Mode mount to snag.

If operations aren't your bag, then there are always Ewok companions, Czerka dailies, and bounty hunting contracts on the horizon.

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