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WoW Moviewatch: Gilnean Like Me

Today in WoW Moviewatch: Staff Picks, we look at that which remains the favorite machinima of Mr. Rossi. Gilnean Like Me is not only an overwhelmingly stylistic feast for the eyes but a sort of escapist machinima for those Gilneaophile who felt done wrong by the game's storyline. Why would we feel that way? I'll let Mr. Rossi explain:

The lyrics work perfectly - it's exactly what SHOULD have happened in Gilneas. Forsaken show up, Forsaken die again.

It's not that we dislike the Forsaken. They're the nicest bunch of cannibalistic undead you could ever hope to meet. It's just... the Gilneans wouldn't have just rolled the tummies over. Thanks to Gnomechewer for keeping the dream alive! Click here to see it yourself.

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