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Bit.Trip Fate runs into Steam just in time for Summer Sale


Bit.Trip Fate now available on Steam, arriving just in time to take part in the Steam Summer Getaway Sale. It's 50 percent off, or just $5, through July 22.

Bit.Trip Fate launched for Wii in 2010 as the fifth of six games starring everyone's favorite rainbow-running pixel-fest, CommanderVideo. Like the other games in the Bit.Trip series, Fate is hard – deliciously so. Give it a go on PC or Mac for $5 now, or grab it with the ominous, chiptuney soundtrack for a discounted price of $8.

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Gaijin Games's BIT.TRIP FATE releases on Steam service

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – July 11, 2013 – BIT.TRIP FATE, the fifth entry in Gaijin Games's BIT.TRIP series, is now available on Steam. The game was originally released on the WiiWare service, and offered later in the BIT.TRIP COMPLETE collection for Wii and BIT.TRIP SAGA for the Nintendo 3DS. In case you haven't noticed, Gaijin Games has quite the penchant for CAPITAL LETTERS.

FATE is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up featuring CommanderVideo, star of Runner2 and protagonist of the BIT.TRIP series. It features vibrant retro visuals, a tripped-out soundtrack, and all the pixels you could ever ask for.

Also, because indie cameos are all the rage these days, FATE plays host to much-loved characters like Super Meat Boy and Mr. Robotube. It is – if you'll allow the cheesiness – indie-credible.

To celebrate BIT.TRIP FATE's arrival on Steam (and because the Steam Summer Sale is currently happening – what serendipity!), the game is being offered at the low price of $4.99 until July 22. That's 50% off the total price! We don't typically condone financial irresponsibility, but you should probably buy 1,000 copies and gift them to friends.

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