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Breakfast Topic: What is WoW's most moving storyline?


It's my firm opinion that the most moving moments in World of Warcraft are the ones that sneak up on you. You're nonchalantly questing through a zone when you realize you've become anxious about the fate of a particular character. As the whole picture begins to come into focus, you find yourself racing to find out what happens -– or if you're like me, you find yourself holding back, stricken with horror at the possibilities you suspect may unfold at your next destination.

Most players seem to have fond memories of a story they encountered somewhere in Azeroth that unexpectedly tugged at their hearts. We've created a poll with a few staff favorites, although we know there are many, many other storylines that have become beloved to players. Which storyline was the one that did it for you? (We've linked to the quest lines in the paragraph just below the poll, if you'd like to refresh your memory.)


For more information, see: The fate of Crusader Bridenbrad; Pamela Redpath and Darrowshire; Tirion Fordring's quest to free Taelan; Oronok Torn-heart and his sons; Sunwalker Dezco in Krasarang; Gidwin and Tarenar in E. Plaguelands; Ezra Chatterton; Leyara's story; or (oh, happy day!) the Draenei starting zone culmination.

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