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iCracked banks on your clumsiness

Ilene Hoffman

A broken iPhone is no joy. I've seen many a mom jump out of a car to pick up her kids at school only to have her iPhone go flying off her lap and onto the pavement. Until recently, getting an iPhone fixed was a time-consuming and costly affair. Megan Hess from Mashable introduces us to a pair of ingenious guys who have started a very useful business devoted to fixing your broken iOS devices in her article, "iCracked is Banking on Your Cracked iPhone Screen." The article gives you a comprehensive overview of iCracked and its founders.

iCracked is a fledgling company that now boasts over 300 on-demand "iTechs" residing in 11 countries. Their sole mission currently is to fix your iPhones, iPads and iPods with a minimum of hassle. They not only repair cracked screens, but replace batteries and other broken parts, plus they repair water damage. Their repairs come with a 99-year warranty, which is a bit longer than most devices will last.

iCracked will come to you to make repairs and they plan to expand into every major city in the world. If they do not have technicians near where you live yet, you can opt to purchase a Do-It-Yourself Repair Kit. You can also mail your device to iCracked headquarters for repair.

Other services iCracked offers include a store in which you can buy fix-it tools, their repair kits and selected accessories. And last, but not least, you can even sell your device back to them and get a check, put the funds in your PayPal account or donate the funds to a national charity.

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