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This handcrafted iPhone 5 case is made of chipboard

Ilene Hoffman

If being simple, environmentally friendly, and basic are your requirements for an iPhone case, then look no further than pprwrk studio's Chipster, an iPhone 5 wallet / case. Mark Caneso has designed a simple, yet effective iPhone 5 case out of chipboard that includes top, bottom and back coverage with camera and other access point openings. We can only assume that the Home button access is not impeded by the Chipster.

The case includes a pocket or sleeve on the back that fits three or four credit card-sized items, like an ID or money. A pull tab provides easy access to the items in the pocket, which opens to the side.

Handcrafted iPhone 5 case

The recycled chipboard is like cardboard, only made of recycled paper that is pressed together. Other items that you frequently use made of chipboard include cereal boxes, scrapbooking ornaments and tissue boxes.

The Chipster comes in natural grey or brown. The case includes no glue, because it is scored and folded together. So, this is also a hypoallergenic product and costs US$25.

[via DesignTaxi]

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