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Electric scooter shares info via iPhone dock


When it comes to iPhone connectivity, modern cars offer a wealth of options ranging from music syncing to navigation tools, but plugging your iPhone into a moped is something entirely different. As CNET reports, Tokyo's Terra Motors plans to create just that, and the company is betting that its new bike will be a hit.

The modest two-wheeled ride is called the A4000i. What it lacks in a flashy moniker it more than makes up for in iPhone friendliness. The bike features a docking bay for your Apple smartphone right between the handlebars and once plugged in, the bike uses the phone to display information such as mileage and how much charge is left in the all-electric moped's batteries.

With a total range of about 40 miles on a single charge, the A4000i isn't made for road trips, but with mopeds increasingly in command of the road -- especially in places like Tokyo -- the new bike's iPhone compatibility may give it an edge among the smartphone-owning populous.

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