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New 3DS StreetPass games say hello to North America


North Americans can now welcome the quartet of new 3DS StreetPass games, which came to Europe and Japan last month, albeit with different monikers. The system update out now adds shoot-em-up Mii Force, gardening sim Flower Town, spooky puzzler Monster Manor, and strategy game Warrior's Way to a new shop in the Mii Plaza, where they're priced $5 each, or $15 in a four-in-one bundle.

As per the Euro and Japanese versions, the new StreetPass games let players earn tickets that can be exchanged for Mii hats and outfits, including a full Luigi costume for those who find it easy being green. Four new panels for Puzzle Swap will also be released at the same time as the update. Each Nintendo 3DS user will receive one random new panel and will have to interact with other Nintendo 3DS owners via StreetPass to receive the other three.

The four StreetPass additions are already off to a "good start," according to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, who revealed 200,000 users bought at least one of them during their first week of sales.

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