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Breakfast Topic: What's your ideal raid size?


With the advent of flex raiding, players will find it simpler than ever to gather friends or muster guildmates to experience WoW's fantastic endgame raiding content. "Having a flexible raid size with scaling damage will bring its own design challenges, to be sure," writes Matthew Rossi, "but it will also mean that once your guild hits the minimum raid size (currently 10 players) until it hits the maximum, it will never have to sit a player again. And at the maximum size, it will never have to cancel a raid because 22 people showed up instead of 25. It will change raiding, it will change guilds, but it is probably inevitable and necessary change."

For keeping up with a constant stream of new raids and an endgame whose goalposts bump forward on a regular basis, the ability to scale raid challenges seems right on target. How will flex raiding change the way your raid group approaches raiding? Do you expect it will represent mostly a convenience to cover scheduling snafus and absences, or will your group take advantage of flex raiding to customize a raid size that works better for your guild or group of friends?

And while we're at it, what would you consider your ideal raid group size?


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