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    Daily iPhone App: Fold is the most original iOS puzzler in years


    As iPhone puzzle games go, Fold is a bit of a strange duck. It's not particularly flashy or funny or action-packed, but it still manages to be worth a look simply based on its originality. In Fold you are tasked with removing lines of colored blocks from the screen simply by tapping on them, but that description betrays how difficult the game can actually be.

    It's actually quite challenging to explain exactly how a typical level in Fold plays out. Lines of blocks can be cleared by tapping on one of their ends, causing the line to collapse until just one of the colored blocks in the line remain. The very early levels are exceedingly easy, with just a few lines of blocks and only a couple of taps required to clear them, but as the level count mounts the difficulty follows suit. Before you know it you're tapping the screen dozens of times to clear a single level.

    A "link" mechanic is introduced fairly early on, where lines of blocks can actually move other colored groups as they collapse, which just serves to make things even more complex. The same goes for blank colored blocks that take on the color of the blocks around them. Ultimately, when a level ends you need just one of each color of block on the screen in order to obtain the gold rating, with lesser feats earning silver and bronze scores. If you perform particularly poorly you'll have to try the level again before proceeding.

    If this all sounds a bit confusing, there's a good reason for that: You've probably never played a game even remotely like this before. That's a pretty big compliment, especially for a puzzle game on a mobile device. The fact that I can say that the game is dripping with originality is a pretty big feat on its own, and the fact that it retained my interest through dozens and dozens of levels is just icing on the cake.

    Fold is free to download but charges $.99 to unlock the full game once you've completed a few of the tutorial levels. If you're looking for a unique puzzle experience that will undoubtedly help you pass the time on a lazy afternoon, a short break at work, or the subway, Fold is a fantastic choice.

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