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'The Power of Glove' is a feature-length Power Glove documentary

Jordan Mallory

Filmmakers Adam Ward, Andrew Austin and Paula Kosowski have taken it upon themselves to chronicle the creation and impact of one of the most infamous video game peripherals of all time, the Power Glove.

Their film, The Power of Glove, is a feature-length documentary built upon interviews with Mattel hardware and software engineers involved in the glove's design, as well as accounts of people whose lives have been impacted by the device, such as musical artist Yeuda "Side Brain" Ben-Atar. The film is still under production according to its Facebook page, and as such no release date/method has been announced.

We're hoping that release comes sooner rather than later, as we desperately need to know how much skrilla it takes to get one of the custom "Beat It" gloves seen in the trailer. We've got "big bank," as it were – let's talk about this.

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