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The Daily Grind: How transparent should developers be?


Sometimes I feel for developers, as they must walk a line between being too chatty and not chatty enough with fans. On one hand, players tend to take what developers say as sacred gospel that can and should be thrown back in the devs' faces if the game takes a different path, so some measure of restraint in sharing future goals is probably necessary. On the other hand, developers who are too secretive and distant from the community end up creating an atmosphere of distrust and aloofness.

So where's that balance? How transparent and open should developers be? Maybe you love devs to talk about every little aspect of the game's inner workings, lofty plans, and tricky choices. Maybe you're more willing to cut those devs some slack if things don't pan out. Or maybe you think a dev shouldn't say anything until he or she is 100% confident that what is said will pan out.

You make the call today. If you were in charge of a studio, where would you set the line?

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