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Apple allegedly working with Samsung on chips again


Apple and Samsung have had a complicated relationship dating back to 2007 when Samsung became the exclusive producer of chips for Apple's iOS devices. Despite this business connection, the two companies have been attacking each other with a series of lawsuits claiming patent violations of functions on each company's phones.

In April, we reported that Apple would be dropping Samsung's chips in favor of chips from TSMC, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Unfortunately rumors have surfaced indicating it doesn't appear that those plans are going to work out. Now the Korean Economic Daily is reporting that Apple's 2015 iOS device will still be using Samsung chips, specifically the 14-nanometer FinFET. These chips will power what is expected to be the iPhone 7.

As of press time we don't know what this means for TSMC and Apple's relationship. It's possible the different chips will be used in different models of phones, with TSMC and Samsung both finding a home inside iOS devices. Still the idea of working with one company for 2014 only to move back to the old company you worked with in 2015 seems a little strange. We'll keep you updated if more information develops.

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