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Construction begins at Reno iCloud data center


Running a service as complicated as Apple's iCloud takes massive investments in infrastructure to properly support. This past March Apple broke ground on a new Reno, Nev., iCloud data center, a modern facility which will house massive banks of servers and the other guts that keep iCloud running. It will even use solar power, in keeping with the company's focus on green energy.

Now AppleInsider is reporting the company has started to build the first large structures at the site following the building of a tactical structure this past March to house security and support equiment. The US$16 million dollar project includes a massive $4.6 million administration building and two data-processing centers, which have been reported to total 50,570 square feet.

Head over to AppleInsider to see their new pictures of the work site. They've been taken from some distance away, sort of like UFO researchers trying to sneak pictures of secret test planes at Groom Lake. Still we rarely get to take a look at the scale of infrastructure required to keep our little magic data boxes pouring information into our hands. You can find the rest of their reporting here.

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