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iPhone will be the dashboard in next generation e-scooters


If you want proof of just how closely our smartphones will integrate with our cars in the near future, look no further than all the Siri Eyes Free support automakers are offering in next year's models. But those of us with mopeds and scooters shouldn't feel left out either. Though not quite Siri Eyes Free-level of coolness, the next-generation e-scooters coming out in 2014 will allow your iPhone to act as the digital dashboard of your two-wheeled ride.

As 9to5Mac points out, two major e-scooter manufacturers, Smart and Terra Motors, will bring 2014 models to market that will enable the driver to insert their iPhone directly into the dashboard, and from it view their speed, range, GPS location and any other number of indicators that can fit on the iPhone's screen.

And perhaps this is just some geeky fantasizing on my part, but if Apple would add a fingerprint sensor to the next iPhone, it's conceivable that the iPhone could also be used as the ignition key in these next-generation e-scooters.

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