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Slender Man game Faceless postponed for 'partial reboot'


Ethereal Entertainment is postponing development of Faceless to make way for a" partial reboot," following the exodus of some of its developers. Faceless, a Half-Life 2 mod, has seen a few roadblocks in its development – it was held up on Steam Greenlight due to legal complications with the Slender Man IP, but was eventually able to snag a spot on Steam. Hope is not lost, Faceless Lead Promotional Designer Adam Sklar writes in an update.

Faceless is on hiatus because of issues finding an AI programmer willing to follow through, Sklar says. Ethereal tried out a few programmers, but none worked out.

"This became frustrating for all of us and we couldn't just go into a hiatus without letting anybody know; it had to be announced," Sklar writes. "We didn't want to leave you hanging and never finding out about what's happening with the mod. Myself in particular have always wanted to be open and honest about everything in relation to Faceless, so that's why I'm still here today to try and get it complete."

The new development group will retain some previous members, and the story and style of the Faceless Slender Man will stay the same. The game will get new maps, textures and models to fit the new team. The team is hiring now.

Last year, Ethereal founder Justin Ross launched two funding campaigns for Faceless and raised $2,291. Considering the changes, those who want a refund are getting one, Sklar says.

"For those who have not recalled their donations, we'd like to ask you all a very important request," he says. "This is your money: Would you like it back? Or would you like us to use it to pursue a professional development team to ensure a professional and high-quality standalone Steam mod? We are not making this decision for ourselves of course, we want to ask you."

If you have an answer or are curious about Faceless' changes, check out Sklar's post on Mod DB.

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