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The Dream Machine chapter 4 enters reality on August 1


Chapter 4 of The Dream Machine hits Steam on August 1, ending more than one year of anticipation for those who've played chapters 1 - 3. The Dream Machine is an award-winning cardboard-and-clay adventure game from Cockroach Inc., which tells a twisted tale of feverish paranoia and mystery. With chapter 4 the game gets a graphical upgrade and, accidentally, an extra chapter in the entire series, Cockroach Inc. founder Anders Gustafsson tells us.

"It ended up being far bigger than we originally anticipated, so large in fact that we had to split it up in two parts," he says. "So the game now effectively has 6 chapters instead of 5. Who doesn't like an extra chapter, huh?"

Anyone who's purchased a bundle that includes all of The Dream Machine's chapters will indeed receive all of its chapters, including this unplanned sixth one. The Dream Machine is participating in the Steam Summer Sale, and that bundle is half off through July 22, just $8.50. Or, grab it directly from Cockroach itself.

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