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Cloudberry Kingdom hits all major platforms starting July 30


Cloudberry Kingdom is a sadistic platformer with randomly generated levels, and it's not likely to be any easier on any particular console, so take your pick. It's coming to PSN on July 30, XBLA and Steam on July 31, and Wii U eShop no August 1, for $10 across the board. Later this year, Cloudberry Kingdom will hit Vita, too.

Cloudberry Kingdom has been on our radar since September, when developer Pwnee Studios showed off its hardcore gameplay. For something so cute, it can get absolutely masochistic - that's the hardest gameplay mode. The game has a unique AI system that generates new levels on each run-through, three game modes, up to four-player co-op and multiplayer, a level creator, 10 heroes and voice acting by Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo.

Cloudberry Kingdom is up for pre-order now on PSN, discounted to $8 as part of the PlayStation Store PLAY campaign.

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